The botanicals sourced are from traditional landowners and we engage the local community to harvest and collect which enables us to support families living from the land.

Samantha Turk (Eastern Arrernte, Mparntwe Central Australia NT) and Crystal Mahoney (Barkindji, Brewarrina, NSW)

Meeting on Country (2020)

Meeting on Country (2020) is a contemporary story that depicts two tribal groups from different regions of Australia coming together and meeting on Country. The design has been created using symbols that represent both tribal groups and the Waterholes, River, and
Landscapes of the Central Desert and Western NSW.

The painting was developed by both artists of their interpretation of how they see country and represents the flora and fauna from both regions, the meeting places, wildflower, kangaroos,
and bush tucker.

The concentric circles depict sites where the tribes meet and gathered to collect water and bush tucker, the wavy white lines show the paths where tribes have travelled across country to meet, gathering and collecting water and bush tucker along the way.

The variety of colours represent the changing seasons and landscapes from both areas. The painting is representative of Central Australia Northern Territory, and the Central West New South Wales regions, the tribal lands of the Arrernte and Barkingji people.