The botanicals sourced are from traditional landowners and we engage the local community to harvest and collect which enables us to support families living from the land.

Samantha Turk (Eastern Arrernte, Mparntwe Central Australia NT)

My Mothers Country (2023)

From the artist:

This painting is a contemporary story that depicts my interpretation of "My Mothers Country" from where she was born in the Top End to where she resided in the Central Desert.

I have painted details from my Mothers descriptions of what she saw when she was on country and the things she loved about her surrounds, whether it was in the far north of Emu Point or in Mparntwe (Alice Springs).

The large circle in the centre of the painting represents meeting on country with family. Whether it was gathering just to catch up or going out hunting, gathering, or fishing. Coming off the centre circle represents the beautiful Water Lilly's that grow abundantly in the billabongs and waterways in the Top End. The arches at the bottom of the painting represents the McDonald Ranges which surround Mparntwe, my Mother loved those hills and they are very sacred and special to me as a Central Arrernte Woman. I chose the colours as I believe in a good representation of what our country looks like after good rain and the cool glistening waters of the billabongs, waterfalls and waterways in the north.