Geoff Booth

Geoff Booth

Geoff Booth is a renowned Professional Golfer, born and raised in Townsville, Queensland.

With over 33 years of experience in the Professional Golfers Association, he has travelled around the world, playing, teaching, and retailing. His expertise has taken him all through South East Asia, where he has made significant contributions to the golfing community.

Apart from his golfing career, Geoff has been actively involved in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, owning and managing several venues in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Together with his brother, he has successfully grown their business to four licensed venues, employing around 80 staff. Geoff's passion for the hospitality industry has seen him diversify into the distilling business.

Geoff's time in Alice Springs enabled him to develop connections with several indigenous partners, paving the way for them to release their unique Lizard Dragon products. With the help of Rayleen Brown, Adam Giles, and their head distiller, Tim Harrison, they have created a gin that captures the heart and soul of Australia, using some of the world's oldest botanicals.

Geoff's dedication to promoting local artists in each region has allowed the company to attach a piece of artwork to each product release. This partnership enables them to give back to the community by providing money to indigenous families and future generations.

With his extensive experience in both golf and hospitality, Geoff Booth continues to make significant contributions to the Australian community. His passion for excellence and attention to detail have seen him create a unique and innovative brand that has captured the hearts of many Australians.