Adam Giles

Adam Giles

Adam Giles has spent much of his working life working in and supporting the advancement of Indigenous Australians, particularly from an economic perspective. 

During Adams career he has been employed both privately and publicly and has worked in policy and program areas focused on helping people get into jobs, into business or creating economic opportunities. 

As the 10th Minister of the Northern Territory Adam dedicated his time to making improvements around employment to population parity and established policies to support Indigenous business engagement in public and private procurement. Adam’s policies led to the lowest level of Indigenous unemployment on the Northern Territory Governments records. 

Post politics Adam has a successful corporate career working in a range of industries including renewable energy, mining and agriculture. Adam is a farmer himself. 

When agreeing to be part of Lizard Dragon distillers Adam insisted that we create an opportunity to bring in Indigenous shareholders as part of the company, and that we create opportunities for Indigenous Australians by contracting Indigenous businesses and individuals to undertake much of the works normally undertaken by mainstream businesses. 

For that reason, we now use Indigenous art on our bottles rather than pay a marketing agency in Sydney for design. We pay Indigenous food companies for the supply of native indigenous botanicals to be used as ingredients in the formation of our alcohol beverages. And we are now considering which Indigenous companies to work with in the future to assist us in our clothing and marketing products lines.

We may not be an Indigenous company, but we are trying to pay forward wherever we can and give by providing opportunities throughout our supply chain.